(mostly obsolete, to be moved towards the Timed Monad Stream library)

The T-calculus is a domain-specific language prototype, presently embedded in Haskell. It aims at experimenting tiled programming for the design and implementation of reactive temporal media systems. It is based the fairly rich algebraic model of overlaping tiles.
The current implementation can roughly be described as:
  • a generic implementation of the overlaping tile algebra,
  • a generic reactive kernel that allows tranforming streams of events into tiles and vice versa tiles into streams of events,
  • an implementation of a duration algebra based on a lattice completion of affine functions,
  • a language front-end (T-Score) more dedicated to Music.
The T-calculus developement is part of the PoSET project.

Currently the T-calculus V1.0 is in alpha version. Its complete code is available here and realtime experimentations in the field of live music can be found there.

Some direct entries in the source code:
  • elements of tile agebra within inverse semigroup theory (with nice figures),
  • the source code of the tile agebra within inverse semigroup theory,
  • the source code for function over tiles with various category theory based operators.

Copyright D. Janin@PoSET, 2016

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